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I live in **** Creek, BC, and have a consulting business in my home. I am about 1/2 mile from the edge of town, and receive my internet via Telus phone line - the same phone number as my business. In our community, it unheard of that anyone gets their download speed up to 3 Mbs, even though we pay for 5. I average, on a good day, roughly 2.2 to 2.6, with an up load speed range of .6 to .8. In recent months it has been the reliability factor that has frustrated me the most. At any hour of any day the service will drop off the radar, with no internet available at all - for hours. My e-mail is gone, by ability to access information from manufacturer's is gone, my access to plans and change orders on projects is gone .... My technician, from a local computer firm, tells me that his internet was down to .8 to 1.2, and so he switched to Shaw, which was okay for while, until a lot of other customers caught on, and they switched, and now things are back where they were, since let's face, on piggybacks on the other. On the days where the service was off and on, I have done a speed test every 10 minutes for an hour or more. Never, and I mean absolutely never, was the connection to the same source twice in a row. It would come from Terrace, BC; Kelowna, BC; Grande Prairie, AB; Buranby, BC; and almost anywhere else it could find in Western Canada. As one of the quicker growing areas of Canada, due to the oil and gas industry, can we not get the service we need to at least try and carry on business with the rest of the world. If Parliament can enact legislation to force the two only rail companies to deliver a certain amount of grain per month to the ports, why can't we get the same type of thing when it comes to delivery of what is, in the mind of many business people, an essential level of service for internet connection. The so-called "high-speed" internet that larger centres enjoy is a far off dream, and as a consequence, some of the information I would like to access online, are almost quicker sent by snail mail from places like Vancouver.