Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 626

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I just completed the survey and found that it did not effectively allow me to communicate my point of view at all. We have two computers that are hard wired for cable internet. We do not use WiFi at all. The questions lumped WiFi and internet use together without making a distinction between the two. I am opposed to WiFi being forced on us. I am especially concerned for my children and the children of Canada. I am very concerned about the health effects of WiFi. My husband and I both have health issues and I am concerned that with the increase in WiFi we may develop more health issues. I am concerned that my healthy children may have issues with their development, their hearts, their fertility or even with cancer. It is scary that we, as Canadians, are so keen on instant and constant access to the internet that we are willing to sacrifice our own well being.Let's not give up the health of Canadians for the sake of "convenience". Please LIMIT our exposure to WiFi -- certainly do not increase it.