Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 669

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1. I wish to have at least 7 MBPS,2. I wish to have uninterrupted streaming. (At present one can be interrupted up to five times in a minuet. 3. In our community new members of the community can not get internet provided. 4.we are being charge too much for the service we are being provided with. 4.we require Clarity of terms and explainations given by the provider. At present one can contact the provider and be told you can have Ultra high speed and are quoted a price. In our particular area the provider can not give us ultra high speed. We are told that the provider is putting in lines. We are still looking for the equipment, lines etc. Nothing has been done in our area to up grade in years. We need clear written explainations of terms, explainations of improvements that are understandable for the general public and a time limit. There appears to be a lack of standards for service. 5. The bills do not clearly describe the breakdown of costs. Sold to public as bundles. When speaking with the reprentative said of the provider, they will simply not say the cost of land line and then cost of Internet. An explainations is very difficult to get. One feels like we are being hood winked. We are in a rural area and require Internet to do banking(banks are only located in larger areas) many people are seasonal workers and require Internet to deal with EI, bussinesses are hamper by lack of appropriate service.