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I am a resident of British Columbia and live a rural area just like 2/3 of British Columbian's. FYI; Being able to provide "World Class" communication service is very different than the minimum basic connection you are striving for! ISSUE #1;There are several independent internet service providers as well as the big 3 corporations. However, they have no plans of upgrading any lines to provide "high speed" service due to the fact that they make far more money selling service via wireless devices (very expensive data plans). ISSUE #2;I used to have a "Turbo Hub" through Bell. It worked great right up until they started charging an arm and a leg for data. It was a device that got it's signal the same way a cell phone does, so they market it as a mobile device and use mobile data plans even though it has to be plugged in to a 110 power outlet in order to work! ISSUE #3; The company I switched to provides wireless service via radio waves with an unlimited data plan...they advertise "high speed" however the signal is very intermittent and not fast at all! I rely on Netflix for TV as we do not get a satellite signal either. Using this service, it sometimes takes 4 hours to watch a 2 hour spends the whole time buffering!ISSUE #4; I was able to access my "data usage" details when I was with Bell and it showed a graph of my so called "usage" is designed, monitored and tracked by the company that makes the charges. There is no way of proving that it wasn't padded by the service provider and has NO TRANSPERANCY! On SEVERAL occasions my bill was astronomical and my internet habits have not changed in years. If companies are allowed to charge for data, it should be tracked by a government body independently.ISSUE #5; Typically, when a company proposes to build a development they are required to build infrastructure that suits whatever region's bylaws and codes. example; a housing development would need traffic signs and roads as well as easements for public access and utilities. Unless you are a communication company....then you are allowed to OWN AIR and sell it for a premium! I understand that they spend more than most people earn in a lifetime to build cell towers and radio towers and use satellites....but is that not just the infrastructure required to sell their product?!? Do they own the property that the towers are built on? Can the government acquire the infrastructure? Shouldn't these structures become public works? I think if communication companies did not have to (piggy back) off of other communication companies it would actually create FAIR competition and accessible, reliable HIGH SPEED internet for everyone.