Intervention: Gramarg Communications Inc. (Intervenor 132)

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My IP is Xplornet. I have never received the service I am paying for, according to the Xplornet advertising and service agreements. On one recent speed test my download speed was 0.8 mps which is becoming the norm more that the exception. The other option I have is Telus 3G, which is often faster and more reliable, however very costly. I try to schedule downloading large files through the nigh and early morning hours. Sometimes it works, most times the download is interrupted or incomplete. One recent example was and IOS update from Apple. After 12 hours it was still incomplete. I accessed the internet at a local restaurant and downloaded the entire update in five minutes. Xplornet's traffic management policy limits the speed of large file downloads regardless of which plan you are on. I started out on the 10Meg small business program and have since downgraded the plan. With the Xplornet traffic management practices there is no advantage to paying for the more expensive program' the service is the same. I feel like I am being held hostage by a monopolistic financial predator.