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Internet Provider ConcernsCurrently I am living in a small town (Seven Persons, Alberta) 22km outside of Medicine Hat, AB. Our town is services by 4 available internet providers (Shockware Wireless, CCI Wireless, **** Net Satellite & Telus Dialup).I am currently Connected with Shockware Wireless and pay $49.95 a month with a cap of 10Gb per month and an expected speed of 6 - 10 Mbps, which with speed testing rarely achieves 4 - 5 Mbps much less their advertised speed of 10 Mbps. They require a minimum of a two year contract to start.CCI has a similar cost plan with unlimited usage for $49.95 per month with a download speed of only 2 Mbps and a two year contract to start service.Hughs Net basically does not publish their plans or rates in Canada unless you call their sales representitives directly. I have heard their plans start at $89.95 a month with a 2Gb cap before overage charges, but uncertain.Telus still offers only a 56 Kbps dial-up service in our area (No High ****), but that is only offering 80's technology and not an effective option.What we need to see in Canada is faster service and more options, especially in rural and small town Alberta. With limited providers, slow download speeds and extreemly high fees, internet usage is unproductive at best. With rates at less than 10 Mbps video streaming is uneffective and accessing todays web pages with their graphics and high quality is nearly impossible.Rates are another matter here in Canada...I have a vacation home in Arizona (Mesa) and my current provider Century Link, provides internet to me for $14.99 per month, unlimited wireless internet, with a guaranteed service min of 3 Mbps and without a contract (monthly). The CRTC must enforce providers to supply cost efficient internet and service speed levels to all areas and not just big city territories. As a small town Alberta resident, I am being locked out by being rural. Effective communications should not be allowed only to big city redidences. All internet service providers should be legislated to provide the same rates and service to all Canadians, not just the large market areas.Sincerely,Stephen SchwartzBoix 354 RPOSeven Persons, Alberta*** ***