Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 409

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I live in a rural area that is totally under-served in the communications field. No Cellphone coverage within about 20 km of my home. I only live about 30 km from a major regional centre. The only current working internet option for us is Satellite, which is often very slow and limits our ability to access the internet. it is often unavailable due to weather and other issues. We have only one phone provider and pay double the phone rates of people in communities only 8 km away. No cable provider, no bundling of packages for discounts. I could go on for hours, but my internet connection may not last! My monthly communications bill is almost $200 and i only pay a little over $10 per month for cellphone. no use getting a smart phone when it does not work here, i only have a basic cell for travel use. $95 a month for landline with long distance package, $74 a month for internet. Not fair in my opinion. if Canadian companies want to provide these services, they should make them available to ALL Canadians, not just pick and choose the most profitable areas.of course, this is only part of a more systemic problem, our power grid, roads, and all infrastructure in this area is sub-standard.