Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 637

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I live in rural PEI, Freetown, only 1.5mbps is available which as a business person who must work from home after hours by times or during storm days, and has children who use internet for education and entertainment, just isn't close to enough, and I pay similar to those who get 100 times the speed in urban areas. We also had a wireless option, which provided 10mbps, that was great and it was owned by a municipality, then it was sold to a private owner, after which my upload went away entirely, as did other customers, I communicated for months to try and fix, and paid them faithfully while they made empty promises of working on it, although their tower was at my father in laws workplace, who confirmed no one had been there working on it. When approached, the owner was quick to blame his employees and even gave personal and confidential details on the incompetence of those named employees to me, the customer, sometimes and very late hours. Needless to say I left that service and can never go back, unfortunately some of my neighbors in **** Freetown still put up with it, but I see it as not an option as it doesn't work. I approached another wireless provider to try and convince him to supply us, he said he cannot as the first provider of the non working service is crazy and he didn't want to get involved. These types of operations have no right to prey upon those in rural PEI, but with no choice for another option, it is a breeding ground for them. So we are left with 1.5mbps, inadequate for the needs of todays digital age, and the big companies tell me it isn't financially benefitial to expand to us as there isn't enough homes to make the money back on the way to us. FibreOP and Eastlink are available in Kensington, which is roughly 10km away, but it isn't worth the effort to cable a bit further. Please help us bring areas like my own to the point where we can function in todays digital age and not regret the decisions to live in a place where quiet and children's safety is a priority, why should we have to choose between the two, it should be possible to enjoy both. I've contacted every possible ISP pleading for expansion, but alas, I am just one person, I cannot convince them to move by myself, I hope together we all can.Thank you.