Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 397

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My internet needs are pretty simple - 8 to 20 meg depending on price. I'm 74, retired on fixed and limited income and do not need a lot of download power My big concern is to get back my my small isp (Vianet). I was with them for 10 years when I lived in Muskoka and think they're great. Plus I want to support small independent providers; the big guys are too big now and allowing them to squeeze out independent isps will leave the consumer at the mercy of big operators. Vianet is a Bell partner for fiber to the node but as I understand it, Bell does not want them on the Bell fiber to the premise network even if they pay for access and pass that cost on to their customers. I understand is appealing the CRTC decision to let Canada's 150 small isp's on to their network and hope this gets decided soon. I'm in Wasaga **** where literally the only player is Rogers. I very much want away from them but leaving Rogers for Bell is too much like jumping the shark for me. Between this issue and the skinny basic tv decision the CRTC is making this seniors internet and viewing costs a lot more affordable