Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 505

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I wish to comment on the regulation of broadband internet services in Canada, particularly the additional charges when customers go over their data usage caps. I am currently with an internet service provider whose best plan, which I have, costs $62.97 per month, and offers me 125GB of data traffic per month (downloading and uploading). If I use additional data, I am charged $3.00 per additional Gigabyte. That means that if I used an additional 125GB, I would be charged an additional $375.00. There is an alternative, which I have looked into, which is to have a second phone line installed, and set up an additional internet connection, to get another 125GB at $62.97. It seems absurd that in the one circumstance, I am paying $375.00 for an additional 125GB, while in the other, I am only paying an $62.97 for an additional 125GB. Why the company wants to put me through this is beyond comprehension. They will be supplying me with an additional modem (at their expense - it comes with the connection). We all have to go through the inconvenience of the setup of the additional line, and I will be forced to switch between connections, strategically, to ensure that I do not exceed the allotted usage cap on either connection. Charging rates that are higher per gigabyte than those provided by a single connection should be illegal. It is clearly not a "network management" practice, since I have the option to go ahead and purchase the same amount of data for $312.03 less per month, once I have paid for the new connection to be installed. Charging rates this high are predatory gouging tactics and should be made illegal.