Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 341

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I can't believe how much money I pay for wifi and I can't believe my data is capped for no reason other than that the Big Three want to gouge me further. I can't believe how often my internet cuts out. I can't believe how much I pay for things that should be considered "basic" services on my iPhone. I can't believe that we have the highest per-capital internet usage in the developed world, and we pay some of the highest rates for it. This situation needs to be rectified - There should either be more diversity in the marketplace to create competitive pricing, or the government needs to step in and set reasonable limits on these greedy corporations. They, together, essentially monopolize the Canadian marketplace and there seems to be little or no regulation as far as pricing and the expectations of their services. Is it too much to expect a price that is fair and services that actually work?