Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 567

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I live in the Palgrave Ontario area and want to voice my displeasure with the level of internet service provided in our area. We have been loyal Bell Canada customers for over 20 years and have spoken to them on numerous occasions about the lack of true high speed internet availability. We have been told on multiple occasions over the last 12 years that high speed is "coming soon" but "soon" never seems to arrive. We have tried several of their cellular internet offerings over the years but have found them to be okay at times but generally very slow with sporadic availability. Rogers and the other carriers do not offer anything different. We are so frustrated that we signed up for Xplornet satellite internet service 15 months ago but, to be truthful, this service is also wholly inadequate. Although we don't suffer from the sporadic availability we did with Bell, the satellite service is painfully slow in the evening hours. Our "city" friends (6 km away!) talk about the amazing services they have, streaming movies, Skype calls, online shopping, reading online newspapers, etc. yet we can only imagine what that would be like as we can not find a service in our area that would support what most would consider to be basic internet coverage. Combine that with monthly internet bills in excess of $110 for services that pale in comparison to what our friends have for less than half the cost and I think you can understand our frustration. High speed internet access should be available to all Canadians to allow them to be on an equal footing, not just with other Canadians, but with most of the rest of the world. Without high speed internet I feel we are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to dealing with the world and all of it's opportunities. It is my belief that without CRTC intervention, rural areas will never get true high speed service, at any price. I would truly love to be wrong on this but neither politicians (local, provincial, or federal) or the major carriers seem to care about this issue and we truly have no advocate working on our behalf to improve the situation. PLEASE HELP!!!