Interventions Phase 2: N/A (Intervenor 340)

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My complaint concerns consumer entrapment by a Canadian commercial telecommunications company, i.e. Telus.Forty (plus) buttons on the Telus television remote control, with more on the Telus control box.When switching the television and its paired control box OFF, the television does not necessarily return to the last viewed Telus "Optik" channel when switched back ON. It often opens on a Telus "Optik" channel advertising additional channel "bundles”, or movies on demand, all of which must be purchased.The problem arises when trying to navigate back to one's regular (already purchased) television channel bundle. Access is never simple or straightforward. One is led through a confusing number of windows and displays; all require button-work to escape; and, invariably, finger trouble results in unwittingly subscribing to channels or bundles without so much as a by-your-leave, no "subscribe"box to tick, no "confirm" box to click, just an e-mail to the victim confirming the additional subscription with charges which commence immediately.Compounding this environment of entrapment is Telus' habit of periodically shuffling and juggling its channel numbers and screen displays to ensure clients are unable to key in on its predatory patterns.Of course, Telus' top trump is that it is first among cable-industry equals in keeping clients on interminable "hold" should one telephone to resolve an "entrapment" or other issue - a past-master at playing dead. Despite exercising fierce caution, my wife and I have been entrapped three times in two years or so and it goes beyond irritation, it is a madding waste of one's life time trying to resolve these issues at the end of a telephone line where a recording endlessly repeats how Telus highly values my patronage.We have no options having switched from Shaw and its fraudulent practices to Telus and its multi-million bonus payments to its CEO and other "managers". We live in a condominium and are prohibited from erecting an exterior television antennae. Nous sommes coincés.From what I hear, read and see, this is not an uncommon situation or business practice. So far we've managed to stare down Big Cable and have resolved our encounters at a great expense of life time, but the vicissitudes of age, time and chance are no longer in our favour.It is also our sad experience over the years to relearn repeatedly that Canadian federal and provincial governments are heavily influenced by business organisations, colossi who straddle our nation and profit handsomely at the expense of we the lower orders.