Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 672

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The price are way too expensive in Canada. Our coverage is barely the best as they are anyways sharing towers between companies. If you live in a city, there is LTE, cable, fibeop. But when it's a rural community, satellite and dial up. It does not make sense. Not in 2016. I live in NB and I can't even get **** TV without paying extras?? Where is my right to watch TV in my language? Je suis une canadienne française! J'ai le droit d'être servi en français dans une province bilingue alors pourquoi pas avoir le droit à la télévision de base en français comme au Québec. Ça ne devrait pas être une option. Et ce avec Bell ou rogers. De plus, la téléphonie mobile! I have been with Telus for 10 years now! I have ok coverage. But looking at OCDE, we are top 3 most expensive cell phone bills for what is offered to us, Canadians. It does not make sense that I have to pay 90$ a month for the same coverage that any other country get for 30$. The fact that now we don't have to advise any service of cancellation with 30 days notice is great. The fact that we don't have contract anymore it's great. But they should be transparent. I have always been a good client and it should be noted when there is a call for service.Finally, I believe the CRTC should help **** Canadians to be recognized and get **** basic TV as the same price of **** Canadian throughout Canada. Also, an effort should be made to propel Canadians companies to help rural communities getting more service and coverage. Again the more the service is pushed to rural, we could see a decrease in pricing that would help Canadians in these rough time. We are in struggling time and it should be noted. A decrease of 10% of cost could be beneficial to Canadians across the province and would put us with top 20 of cheaper coverage. You want us to get the best service well this was my opinion.