Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 414

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I live in Lac-Brome, Quebec (village of West Brome), less than 100 km from Montreal as the crow flies. Our "broadband" is limited to cell-based service with weak signal reception and very high cost/low data cap, or satellite (xplornet) with a nominal 10 MBPS download (rarely reached) and max data cap of 30 GB before overage charges, with an absolute limit of 80 GB. Streaming, extensive watching of movies are impossible. Before retiring, I worked in IT and working from home was very difficult due to the limited bandwidth, and also the satellite **** Access Policy throttles back speed to very low (dial-up equivalent) speeds at a variable and unpredictable download level (depends on overall system traffic). For this service, I currently pay $106.92 tax included. I consider this exorbitant for the service rendered. I consider it absurd that less than 100 km from a major metropolitan area, we cannot get service better than this. We have the Internet equivalent of having our phones on a party line. Imagine if we had let the development of our phone system be entirely to market forces; many people would still be on party lines. Internet is no longer a luxury, it is a must for knowledge workers, and local businesses. My wife is a physician and needs internet to be able to keep up-to-date professionally. It is unconscionable that a developed nation like Canada cannot ensure a reasonable standard of service in rural areas like mine, 10 km from a town of 12,000 population with excellent service, 30 km from a town of 50 km population (Granby) and 100 km from a major metropolitan area of 3 million. All contact with telecom providers over the years has been extremely negative, with lack of profitability cited for not providing rural services. Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearance-Proximity to a small city (Cowansville, 10 km) a mid-sized city (Granby, 30 km) and a large metropolitan area (Montreal) yet substandard and overpriced service is all that is available for me-Explain in detail efforts and results in obtaining stable service over the years (two attempts at satellite, one attempt with a local wireless provider and one attempt with Bell cell service; currently using satellite; explain how long ping times, data caps and **** Access Policies make the providers performance claims unrealistic and noncompetitive with urban service levels; example as I write this, ping is 881 ms, with 1.49 MBPS download speed for a service advertised for 10 MBPS!!! Download speeds consistently fall far short of advertised (and paid for!) levels-Explain the impact for knowledge workers, and the difficulty in telecommuting (an environmentally sound practice) because of lack of service-Explain the impact that it has had on my career and why it ultimately forced me to retire because I cannot reliably use the required tools for telecommuting (e.g. videoconferencing) and am unable to move closer to the city due to my spouse's profession.-Explain the situation from the point of view of a rural consumer.