Intervention: Intervenor 6

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The most important item for Canada to stay competitive in today's digital economy is uncapped, reliable, high-traffic ready internet infrastructure. For years internet and telecom companies have "graced" us with the lowest quality wires, towers, and data grids they could afford and stretched them to the minimum distance to meet availability standards. Even living on the backbone street of a well established town my internet access is throttled and choked if anyone within a five mile radius tries to use it at the same time. I shudder to imagine how unreliable antenna based internet is for people who live in areas deemed "rural" by Delta Cable and Bell. It is probably a safe assumption that if two people try to use this quality internet at the same time the lines will burst into flames, break apart, and electrocute any poor squirrels that happen to be nearby.Rather than run better lines with higher capacity, our lords and saviours choose to limit the amount of internet we can use. Capping our monthly usage, often around 250 GB. To someone who doesn't understand their internet usage 250 GB may sound like a magically high number that only the most depraved and dedicated of basement nerds could reach. This is not even remotely true. Every baby picture you see on Facebook, every video you watch on Youtube of a waterskiing squirrel, and every Netflix marathon of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey chews a chunk out of that limit. Soon you'll find yourself pissing away an extra $100 a month to use the service you already over paid for.No quality of service should ever make someone go "Man, I which I lived in Korea, they have it made".