Intervention: Intervenor 16

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I bought a new home in a subdivision 6 years ago. My home only has access to rogers internet, and does not have access to Bell internet/ bell fiber/ bell telephone. Either the city, the builder, or bell Canada should be forced to make sure each house has copper/fiber wire coming to the premise before the house is fully completed. It is far easier and more cost effective to bring access to a residence when the subdivision is being constructed. There is no need to rip up lawns, and roads to lay wire if it is done before.The reason that it is important for a house to have access to bell Canada is because a lot of smaller internet service providers use the bell wire/infrastructure to provide access. In all likelihood my house will not have access to bell Canada because bell is never going to lay the wire now. Bell and Rogers have a oligopoly, they have divided the area up between themselves so that they don't have to compete.In an ideal world each house / business should have both cable and fiberoptic cable coming to the premise before the construction is complete. The wire should be owned by the city or the province. All telecommunication companies should have equal access to the wires.