Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 652

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Broadband internet is a necessary telecom service for Canadians to ensure we can keep up in the digital economy. We need broadband that can support e mail and web browsing to allow us to use essential functions ie on;ine banking, online shopping, filing taxes, online research and surveys and engaging in social nedia and other forms of communication. I believe that governemtn at all levels needs to play in this arena and not simply leave it to the large Telco's to provide such service. it is quite shockign to knwo that Peru has better overall broadband service than Canada! A 5/1 connection is appropriate to allow participation in the digital economy in terms of pricing. Prices should be similar in both urban and rural areas but don't need to be the same. We in Dufferin County cannot grow and/or develop to the degree we would like to in the absence of a solid broadband plan