Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 436

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Living in rural Nova Scotia, and coming from Toronto.our rural broadband is almost non existent. We have NEVER gotten what we were promised. I used to work from home, had to stop due to the lack of service! If we are lucky, I'm saying IF...we get0.35, instead of the 15 Mbps were were promised. If you call for service, it is always " our faults" as we are called " internet hogs"! Secondly it's extremely intermittent, it may go offline 15-20 times per day, also the " hogs" fault! We are not " supposed " to be downloading anything, we are not" supposed" to watch Netflix, or get an android box. We are not second class citizens, we pay a very " high" rate to receive far less than we were promised! To be told what we can and can not do is asinine! Some third world countries have better internet than we do! If I go to the grocery and buy bread, they don't say,Oh you can't make toast or a sandwich with that bread.Because we live rural, by our choice, should we not be allowed some service at least?unfortunately the area where we live ,there are many elderly people that don't use internet. That being said, when they are gone, younger people wanting to move here, will not move to our area due to not having reliable internet. Thus losing our young generation, losing jobs , and business's that can not operate due to lack of reliable service. Also, a lot of children are home schooled, with lack of internet, that is a challenge. Children who go to public school, are unable to do their homework! Plus many more issues. I am training a service dog , I can not do so without the use of internet. It then makes my life a challenge, just to go out, and my service dog needs more consistent training. Even shopping, we don't have very much choice where to shop here, but with good internet we would have a whole world to shop in. Now try and download a order form! When that can take up to an hour, well you figure it out! We are asking for good usable,internet, and not to be called " hogs" that is very offensive and not the reason! The reason was the provider got a lot of money, which they skimped on things, by using sub standard and cheap methods,and did NOT deliver what they promised. They WERE happy to raise the price and cap it, thus paying more for the crap they have and telling us to keep checking the amount we use, thus causing us to pay my mind this is disrespect and ignorant to myself as an individual! Thank you for your attention in this matter, one of the Internet hogs!Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceI would like the people like myself that have not received what we were promised, and being called, internet hog, and telling us we can only do emails nothing have a chance to speak!