Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 585

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I moved to a rural area (postcode *** ***) from an urban area 7 months ago where I enjoyed Internet service through DSL, so no caps and reasonably fast service at what I considered an already high cost. I work from home 50% of the time, and use the internet all the time for work, and less often for personal email and social media and research. I don't stream anything nor do I play games. The only service I can get to my home now is through Bell Wireless (i.e. Cellular service) with a cap of only 100MB before paying additional costs. I exceed this cap every time, often bumping past a few levels, and my latest usage at 15+GB, and pay an enourmous price for this. Even my TV service costs a bomb (have to use Satellite) for very few usable channels. I need the internet for employment, and access to Government and Banking websites, as well as communication and social media. Costs are extremly high. When is basic Cable / DSL / Fiber instrastructure going to come to my house so that my costs and service become reasonable??