Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 327

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CRTC needs to intervene soon, the big three (Bell, Rogers, Telus) have their secondary brands (Bell: Virgin Mobile, Rogers: Chatr/Fido, Telus: Koodo) which are shunting competition like Mobility and WIND. We need better prices here in Canada, as us Canadians pay one of the highest tariffs for cell plans, internet, and data use in the world. The lack of competition in Canada's wireless market is of concern. Another point to make, CRTC should regulate unified, consistent prices nationwide. Places like Saskatoon, Quebec, and Manitoba which have Sasktel, Videotron, and MTS have significantly cheaper prices from other carriers than do in other provinces. Some prices even have $40 in difference for a monthly price. Our southern neighbours have better service for a lesser price. It is time that Canada starts receiving the same. Many attempts have been made to encourage a fourth big carrier, Verizon nearly came to Canada. Better foreign laws might allow an experienced company to come to Canada and help drive down prices.