Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 468

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2 comments, service/availability. 1. ServiceThe 3 large incumbents Rogers, Telus and Bell do not allow for competition nor due access to digital service in Canada. The big 3 purposefully deny service to customers of 3rd party providers timely resolution of problems. There are incidences of clients being disconnected when they are a customer of 3rd party provider and it taking weeks before a big 3 tech rep shows up to service the line and fix the problem. This is giving all 3rd party providers a bad reputation and which in turn limits the selection of 3rd party providers and reduces over all competition in Canada, increasing internet and telephone costs. Senior and other with medical issues to will not risk choosing a 3rd party provider when a multi-week loss of phone or internet could pose a potential loss of life risk (no 911 services). Providers of telecom services should have a mandated of a response time to fix telecom issues of 2 days or less. 2 AvailabiltyIt should not be mandated that in order to be and IPTV provider provider in Canada that the company must be an internet provider. This again limits the landscape to the big 3 as sellers of all the services. If a person chooses to have cheaper TV he/she must choose a 3rd party internet suppler and hence face the service issues due to poor service being provided by the incumbents to 3rd party providers. It should be feasible to selct any kind of provider in Canada for telecom/internet/tv and not ever be limited to only ****/Bell/Telus. I should be able to order TV from Zazeen without having to go to a 3rd party provider and run the frustration on bell not servicing their lines because I do not subscribe directly to them. Rob