Intervention: Intervenor 3

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The current CBB rates are at least 10 times what they should be. You have done little to nothing to analyze those costs properly and by hiding the details from the public you show how likely it is that you are colluding with the incumbents to keep costs artificially inflated. I have no respect for the work you do and it's very clear that internet prices in Canada will continue to be far higher than the rest of the world while speeds remain slow due to your actions. You are not performing your function and are protecting private industry profits instead of doing what's best for Canadian consumers. Shame on you.The day you released the CBB rates I knew it would increase prices and here we are a few years later and prices have doubled. At the end of 2011 I paid $36 a month for an unlimited 28/1 connection from Acanac. The current price for a similar unlimited plan (30/3 unlimited) is $70 with the same company. A 94% price increase on a 7% speed increase. Thanks CRTC.