Interventions Phase 2: Forest Bear Studios (Intervenor 612)

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Most importantly: we need to drop the copper infrastructure ISPs are backing. We should not invest millions into reinstalling obsolete copper lines to replace decaying infrastructure that telecom companies haven't kept maintenance up on. Fibre is the future. Fibre is one hundred year infrastructure which will provide for incredibly fast internet connections which will meet the needs of the next decades' technologies.Internet speeds improved greatly from 1993 to 2005, from 0.056Mbps to 15-25Mbps for the average user. But in the last ten years, they've stayed relatively the same for the same cost (if not double the cost). But yet our need of internet has dramatically risen: we each now carry multiple devices which connect to the internet, often stream high definition (and soon ultra high definition) video for hours per day. And entire industries, like Youtube, have been built because internet speeds of 15-25mbps are possible.However, most ISPs greatly inhibit upload speed to ridiculously slow rates such as 1Mbps for even the highest end connections available in certain locations.However, this growth is being stifled by the lack of modernizing our internet infrastructure. Fibre to the home would easily allow for 1000Mbps connections (with parity uplod speed), and possibly 10Gbps and 40Gbps as transmitter and receiver technology improves. These upgrades can take place without reinstalling fibre.Thank you for your consideration.