Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 668

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I live in a rural community (Morrisburg) and need basic affordable telephone and internet service. I had frequent problems in the past with my telephone service from Bell due to weather conditions (wind damage to the phone wires) and poor landlines for the telephone. Despite yearly fee increases by Bell the telephone lines don't seem to improve.Also, basic internet service (provided through Bell) is getting more expensive every year. I am a pensioner and simply cannot afford the yearly price increases.We do have broadband access in the community, however, this is not affordable for the regular person, albeit that the community (former Morrisburg Hydro) and by extension the taxpayer paid an exorbitant amount for broadband, which has now less than thirty users in **** Dundas, as regular households cannot afford it!Why was the taxpayer subsidizing the broadband and does not get a benefit from it? And why do phone and internet access become too expensive for pensioners?