Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 441

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Services are still to high and seem to be getting more and more expensive. This is especially true of mobile data. It is absurd that companies once offered 6GB for $80/month but now offer 500MB or 1GB for that same $80/month. Additionally, with the advent of fibre optic Internet access, there should be no longer a reason to throttle customers who use large amounts of bandwidth while paying for an "unlimited plan". As for mobile, many countries in Europe and even some companies in the USA now offer unlimited talk, text and data for half the price we pay in Canada for 500MB or 1GB. The few services we did have that had "unlimited data" were false (throttling or restricting data once the user reaches 5GB of bandwidth during their monthly billing cycle) and on top of that, they had extremely poor reception, speed, and overall reliability. Mobile data could be a viable solution for rural Canadians. LTE could be set up by building towers (thus improving not only data availability, but also cellular reception for phone calls and emergency situations) and comes at a much lower cost that running thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cabling (which is now the new standard.) This is especially true when there is sometimes over a kilometre between family dwellings in rural Canada. These individuals may benefit even more than urban Canadians when it comes to having fast, reliable, unlimited internet access. They cannot often readily access the vast options and sheer quantity of services available to urban and metropolitan Canadians.