Intervention: Ajungi Arctic Consulting (Intervenor 72)

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My telephone & internet bill has increased significantly over and over again each and every year. My husband and I have a home consulting business and our NWTel bill is now approx. $1,000 per month despite no significant changes to our use from a year ago. The quality of the internet (broadband, latency, etc.) appears to be deteriorating (slower, lag time forces uploads/downloads to quit, have to restart upload/downloads, unable to send regular size data out or receive in, including being able to send/receive important documents/photos to/from our clients). We do not watch or download movies e.g. netflix, we do not online game, we try to avoid watching most videos including news stories, simply to attempt to keep our internet costs down. We are not able to fully participate in the digital society or economy as a result. Our business and personal lives are hampered by the horrendous quality, limitations and cost of our satellite based telecommunications. Cell phone service, despite "upgrades" almost always drop after one ring (from my cell phone or getting calls from others) and its extremely annoying. Constantly receiving a message that the network is busy or unable to connect. There are emergencies or times where its important to have full access/use of cell phone but this inconsistency means that its unreliable especially when needed. Its also very expensive. When we travel down south, we can not only see and enjoy the higher quality broadband services for internet but we've noticed that the southern internet is getting better as our northern internet is getting worse. The "digital divide" is growing exponentially. The cost of living/working in the north, including telecommunications e.g. $12K-$20K per year is simply becoming another cost we are struggling to cover but without it, we would have no income. We are seriously considering leaving Iqaluit, Nunavut - my home community - simply to reduce our living/working costs and remain competitive. We are at the tipping point or maybe I should say the breaking point when it comes to something as basic and simple as telecommunications. Nunavut remains the only region (province/territory) without fibre optic and despite the possibility of Arctic Fibre connecting 98-99% of Nunavut and Nunavik, neither the territorial or federal government are committed to paying for the branches that would ensure Nunavut/Nunavik joins the 21st century with respect to telecoms. For approx. 1/2 of the cost of the Iqaluit airport, Canada/Nunavut could have invested in telecom infrastructure that would have seen widespread benefits, in business, governance, cultural, personal, etc. Without this kind of investment into new telecom technology, the current federal government approach of providing subsidy to satellite only results in lessening quality access and skyrocketing costs to the client (personal, business or government). We cannot remain competitive and it honestly feels like we're going backwards not forwards. CRTC's recent ruling that NWTel had to cut their internet bill to NWT and Yukon did not benefit Nunavut - and in fact, many in Nunavut fear that NWTel will make up the "loss" by increasing costs to Nunavut clients. If that does or is happening, Nunavut is being doubly discriminated against. Our telecom options are limited and long-term unstable and unsustainable at this quality and cost. Madeleine **** President, Ajungi Arctic Consulting Iqaluit, Nunavut Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearance- access, quality and cost - show NWTel bills - explain how Arctic Fibre and fibre optic would be a game changer for Nunavut/Nunavik - governance is negatively affected by current telecom services