Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 610

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I am outraged at the absence of competition for mobile phones and plans. I recently upgraded my phone and took advantage of the occasion to shop around. I was looking for a high-end smartphone with a mid-range data plan (iphone 6s +3/4 gb of data, voice and text). Every single company had the exact same offer, the only difference being the phrasing. Rogers, telus, bell, koodo all offered unlimited voice throughout canada, 4gb of data and unlimited text for $75. In all of the cases, a downgrade to province wide calling gave a $5 rebate. Other than a difference of a couple dollars on the $500 phone there were no differences between any of these companies. No competition. No semblance of competition. I ended up staying with koodo. However, whereas I used to pay $65 for the same services (canada wide calling and 3gb data with unlimited text), I am now paying $77. I cannot believe that prices have gone up naturally and in such a concerted manner.