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Rural Areas west of highway 22, Alberta: The wireless coverage is not just spotty, but often non-existent. This area is frequently visited by hikers and campers. It gets worse the further west one travels. It is impossible to reach 911 in case of an accident or someone having a heart attack in that region.This area used to be covered well with the older 3G technology. But once that network was “upgraded” to “4G” - the service got worse by the week. I suspect that the ISP’s simply haven’t put in place enough broadcasting infrastructure to support the traffic requirements on 4G.For us in particular this is a disaster: We used to have an Internet connection at home that was not super fast, but it was fine for doing emails and visiting Web sites. We had a flourishing business, working over the Internet from home. While we still have the exact same Internet service (USB data stick through TelUs) - we rarely have any Internet connection at all - yet pay the identical rate as in earlier years. And as a result of the bad connections, we lost our business and have been out of work for close to 2 years now. This is absolutely ridiculous !! It shall be legal for ISP’s to upgrade and improve their service levels, but it must be illegal to reduce their existing service level. Reducing such levels impacts all sort of businesses, access to EMS and it also reduces real estate values as people certainly don’t want to have a house in an area that has no decent Internet connection !!!Talking to the ISP is useless: Their support staff is mostly friendly, but they obviously are kept at arm’s length from information that is related to infrastructure use/over-loads or any improvement plans. And not a single person is taking ownership of a connection problem and driving it to a solution.Data amounts: Current data plans by all ISP’s and satellite providers are ridiculously small. They are noway near what today’s normal monthly data usage requirements are. Just updating all of our computers once a month would exceed that data limit manyfold. Today, a usage of 500GB/Month I consider normal usage. And that still is too low to make practical use of **** services. The **** model will never be able to flourish, without our ISP’s updating their data plans and throughput performance.And on top of that: **** newcomers like **** for example only get gobbled up by one of the 3 large ISP’s. They do their best to deter any competition. I would very welcome to make it dead-easy for a European provider like T-Mobile to enter the Canadian market . This is a very large company and when they entered the US Market, it suddenly improved services and pricing up down there across the board. Why can’t we do that here?I wish I could attend your face-to-face sessions on this topic, but I can’t afford to fly out **** at this time - so I am hoping sincerely, that my comments above are taken into consideration.Thank you and all the best, cheers, RolandPS: I am very open to helping with further information and suggestions if needed.