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your current goals for internet usage in Canada are incredibly short of what will be required of the national network in the up and coming years.with 4k technologies catching on before you know it there will be the next biggest and brightest thing to come out and if the network cant handle it or its not affordable enough for people to afford. you will have big companies shrugging it off and you will unfortunately bare brunt of the blame. no one wants to see another recession even though were not quite out of the last one yet. so don't let the reason be because the internet cant keep up. my current internet plan is 11Mbs download (limited to 6Mbs due to network restrictions out of my control) and 500kbs upload. i live in Windsor Ontario, i don't know about you but from this end of the scale things arnt looking so fair for this modern day necessity. as a suggestion against the companies that hold control over the networks stop giving them money for updates and build up the network yourself that way you wont have to negotiate with them on what happens with it. yes sure it will be more expensive in the beginning. but surely the headache saved in the long run will be worth itany replies you may have to my suggestion please send to cdrouillard@live .ca