Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 555

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The very fact that this many Canadians have come together to file complaints and comments against the telecom and ISP's is very telling to the issues we faceClearly they are not doing a good enough job of creating competition in the industry and are stagnating to reduce costs while increasing revenue.My business is located inside of a major city and yet we are unable to have access to high speeds and consistent internet simply because the providers refuse to work together. Fiber services are available on the road across from us but because the lines are owned by another company we are not able to have access. This slow and inconsistent internet is affecting business by not allowing us to transmit and receive information in a timely manner.ISP's would like to put forward that 5 down / 1 up internet is more than sufficient but that is simply not the case.Many countries in the world have access to networks providing 100 down/ 100 up or more and yet our country is OK with providing much less than that and telling its citizens that these slow speeds and high prices are good and compete in any meaningful way with the rest of the world.I would like to see ISP's and telecom companies in general lose their MOB like ability to rip people off and get away with providing such poor services with no recourse from our Government.If services such and power and water were handled in this way there would be massive fines and trials to get to the bottom of why Canadians are being treated this way and yet nothing happens when we are left in the stone ages compared to other countries we are suppose to be competing with on a global scale.Furthermore "rural" areas located 10km from major cities with fiber connections should not be left out in the cold any longer.ISP's should be forced to provide them with cable internet services if they are already providing them with phone lines, and being stuck with only one option for carrier should not be allowed.I was recently told be Rogers that they were unable to provide services to my residence as Bell would not allow them access to our areas cable network, and being told by Bell at the same time that they will not upgrade out area to provide telephone services or internet as it is not "worth it" to them.The Telecom and ISP's will i'm sure submit documents saying they provide more than fair internet access and at reasonable prices and i'm sure in their opinion they do, but clearly a vast majority of Canadians do not agree that the service they receive is up to par.I'm also sure many of these documents with include charts and graphs showing that the "majority" of Canadians have access to certain levels of internet that some would find acceptable. None of these graphs show the internet that these people actually receive.For example; for the longest time we have been subscribed to Xplornet services who have taken government grant money and have reported to the CRTC that they provide 5 - 10mbps internet as was part of the agreement for the grant, and on paper they do. It is not until you actually look into the services that the vast majority of the people on them never receive even close to the advertised speeds. For around 3 years we were subscribed to their 10mbps package but only ever received around 1-3mbps even though we fell within the specifications for receiving our full connection we never did.Every time we called them to talk about it or try to get it fixed we were either told there was nothing they could do, or simply told it was "prime time" no matter what time of day it was.In summary ISP's should no longer have any control over minimum requirements and should be regulated to provide the services they sell and advertise. The "up to" should be removed, and "prime time" should just be taken as they have over sold their services. Rural residents should have equal access and pricing to their city counterparts and should not just be ignored because there is not enough money to be made.It is my hope that the CRTC will step in and realize that Canadians do not trust the ISP's and that they provide a service that is no longer just nice to have, but is needed.