Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 614

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Purchasing a home I had to significantly limit my choices to find something that had reasonable access to the internet. The 3G/LTE type wireless fixed station connections common in this area have only about 10gb of limit per month, which I would blow through in less than a week for work alone. While I'd like to live in someplace more urban, my job is nearby and I do not want to commute. Compared to multiple city centres I've lived in, Rural access is extremely limited and very expensive. Mobile device limits are even more extreme, at 1-2gb if you are lucky and paying 60-90/month for said service--this is unacceptable compared to places like Norway, Iceland, Alaska with significant remote/rural areas. While we're moving in the right direction, we still have a long ways to go for equal access and consideration between Rural and Urban centres for internet.