Intervention: Intervenor 112

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I live in a rural area (just outside of **** Ontario) and while DSL lines are run in my area I am told by the service provider (Bell) that the lines are not well maintained and several "patches" to the lines have degraded the service to my home. This has forced me to move to Xplornet as my high-speed internet provider, recently they have told me that they "over sold" their network and even though I am paying for 10Mbps packages they are unable to regularly provide that speed. They also implement IMPS to their network that further degrades their service, because of their bandwidth problems they are also unable to provide internet service that is unlimited or even beyond 20GB a month in download capability and charging customers two dollars per /GB in over charges. When the average Canadian uses much more internet then20BG a month the speeds combined with the bandwidth limitations make the service almost unusable, the problem I have and Xplornet knows it that there are NO other options, while I am all for ensuring ALL of Canada has access to reliable broadband services, how can we achieve this objective when people that live within 15 minutes of a major city still don't have access to reliable, fast internet.