Intervention: Intervenor 137

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Fibe came to our area 4 years ago. I subscribed and was patient for over 3 years .... accepting over 10 tech visits to my home -- changing wiring, modems, repositioning within the house, testing loops back to COs, back to DSLAMs etc etc. I had considerable pixilating, frozen screens, loss of audio, and other problems. Bell finally determined that I was beyond the 900 metres from the distribution point and that I would never be able to get proper Fibe TV service nor significant Internet service. They put me back on satellite TV and gave me the lowest Fibe internet package. However, I am still only getting around 800 KB/s of download speed on a good day. I am in the city of Ottawa (Postal Code *** ***) -- this should not be acceptable for our capital city. My part of the community and beyond will not get served because their systems still indicate we are within the 900 metre radius and, in their words "should" be getting better service. But no one is doing anything about it. I have escalated to the executive complaint level and no one will commit to considering my case. The distribution box is outside our housing development. There is a need to have a signal enhancer placed with the community to provide proper service to everyone. I know several others are having the same frustrations...... the satellite tech indicated he had installed many satellite dishes for my neighbors who all had transferred to Fibe and had to switch back because of exactly to same problems I am experiencing. 1) Can influence be brought to bear to have Bell evaluate the situation? 2) I would recommend that your study (for which I have signed up) include situations such as this where the company indicates this area is covered by their stats but in fact is not because they are not taking into consideration the actual routing of their cabling. Thank you for your attention,Mike