Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 467

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I live in rural northern Alberta. Telus gives very poor coverage in our community for cell phones and their internet is terrible.I feel that Telus should be giving better service for the amount they charge.At Christmas, 2015, my son was home and he had no cell service while here. This could only happen in a rural area. We can't get rid of our home phone because of the cell service we receive.Why does the CRTC allow these providers to deliver substandard service and get away with it. These large companies makebig profits and in the case of Telus, their call centers are in ****? Do you know what it is like to have them call you and for sure **** is definitely not their first or second language. The guy could not even pronounce **** properly. As a rural customer, I have to put up with this or choose to have no service at all. How about a home phone that is $60.00 standard a month and $45 for a cell phone with no text ...Welcome to the rural world of Telus ..gouge with poor service.