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I live in Northwestern Ontario, an area of low density population. In particular, I live just outside of Kenora, ON, about 3 kilometers outside of the city's limits. Internet coverage in this area is abysmal, at best. So far I have discovered two options- Xplorenet or the **** rocket hub. There are no DSL or FibreOp options. Each has bandwidth limits with varying prices on overages. Let's start with the Rocket Hub. We had this about 6 months and it ended up costing us so much, we had to switch to something, anything, cheaper. One month we used 18 Gigs of data. We received a bill of $200 dollars. The internet worked well, but it ended up costing an extreme amount of money. The second options, Xplorenet, has decent speed with a long ping. It is impossible to use services such as skype where you need a shorter ping. This makes me unable to skype for interviews, see my family via webcam, or do anything that requires more instant access. We understood this when we signed up. The price of Xplorenet was comparable to other plans, only with worse service. The biggest downside to Xplorenet is the unreliability to service. There are many hours throughout the day when we cannot access the internet. My fiance is an IT professional and has been unable to work due to this deficiency in service. Rural Canadians need an AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE internet service. I'm in no ways in a remote area- there is another village just another few km down the road. They have wireless internet int his village. We are close enough to access it but NorthernTel (owned by Bell) would not allow us to access it. They said they were full AND that they want to phase ti out in favor of the hub. Most likely because the wireless plans are $50 and the Hubs can run upto $200+. I've heard a few horror stories of 500-750+ bills as well.