Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 428

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I pay $105/mo. (after tax) for wireless rural broadband service. The package from my provider promises me 7mb down and 512kb up. Unless it's somewhere between 3 and 6am, I never get this service. During evenings, I can expect download speeds typically in the 20-50kB range. I am on their highest speed package.This provider is my only option, so I cannot change to a different provider to express my dissatisfaction with their poor service. I live less than 10 kilometers from a population center of about 50,000 (with multiple provider options in the city), but I have only one rural option. I pay an amount comparable to my friends and family in town that are on the highest speed packages their providers offer, and get advertised speeds 1/10th of they do. In terms of actual speed on a normal evening, I get 1/200th they do. Travesty.By virtue of a relatively recent government initiative to fund more rural internet service development, my current provider has been able to cash in on this funding (touted in the local newspaper), much to the chagrin of other, smaller providers in towns only an hour away that were denied the same benefits. I am paying $105 for a sham service, and the same company is now going to reap the benefits of government support.I need either legitimate provider choices, or laws to protect and guarantee I am getting the service I am paying for. **** would be ideal.Thank you.