Interventions Phase 2: Critical Pulse Inc. (Intervenor 404)

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To the CRTC:I am writing in because I believe policy makers should push for an order of magnitude improvement to internet speeds and prices within 5 years. I am also writing in because I want officials in the Canadian government to realize the extent to which engineers today are "hacking" internet infrastructure to create the appearance of fast loading times. Every day I witness thousands of man hours wasted on optimizing applications to load more quickly over the internet, simply because speeds have not kept up with expectations. Techniques like browser caching and Content Distribution Networks (CDN) are being used to create an illusion of speed that doesn't exist. To avoid the dreaded web request, developers are being forced to code "Single **** Applications" (SPA). These applications create the illusion of fast internet by moving work done by servers into people's browsers. The mental overload -- and security risks -- of SPA's is enormous, but developers pursue these time consuming methods for development because they don't have a choice -- our internet is still too slow.The next breakthrough Uber-like technology will not happen with consumer monthly data caps remaining at 2-6 GB a month. It is absurd to say otherwise. You can barely stream a heavily compressed video for a few hours at those data rates. **** luck recording one.The CRTC's target in 5 years for bandwidth, coverage, and data caps should be improve the situation by more than an order of magnitude. Not by 50%, not by 100%, but an. Order. Of. Magnitude. 30mpbs to 300mpbs. Within 5 years. The technology is there. It's not even an open question. So why wait? Canadian innovators need your help in order to do great things. Please end this nonsense and take action to empower us to do great things.Thank you,Kelsey HannanFounderCritical Pulse Inc.