Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 605

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I was hoping the questionnaire had more open questions regarding the monopoly going on in Canada for service providers. I'm appalled that the 'Big 3' - Rogers, Bell and Telus control one country & control prices. We live in a democratic free market country. We need more competitive services here. You've driven out **** and a host of other providers who cannot get past the controls/pricing of these 3 companies. In my opinion, Rogers - who I am with for Internet only - has an outdated infrastructure which is constantly problematic. My Internet goes down at LEAST twice a month. Unacceptable. **** and cables are outdated yet the prices and service remain the same/go up/get worse. It's time to enact some STRICT rulings about the kind of service given to subscribers in this country without being gouged. I'm sick of it. The CRTC should be opening up the marketplace for competition and NOT allowing these 3 large corps to control it all. Clearly you guys are being paid off in some way. I have never heard of a free country limiting the market forces of such a huge industry to 3 companies. We are a laughing stock throughout the world. And we are pissed off. It's time to do something about this.