Intervention: Intervenor 89

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I am of support for better and improved infrastructure to all Telecommunications.As of right now I believe that all the services that are readily available to us as citizens are too slow and too expensive and something needs to change.Internet speeds for 25mbps cost on average $70 plus, this is not very fast and should be considered a minimum speed. Compare that to the advancements that Google Fiber is offering in various areas of the USA which are 1000 Mbps, these speeds will position those cities and regions up to be competitive and successful for years to come.The Canadian government needs to encourage the big players in our country to make some big changes and not gauge us with extreme prices with little service.The Canadian goverment needs to support actual competition for smaller companies and and force the larger companies to stop using data caps and other practices to support their stranglehold on the country.Mobile telecommunication is in the worst place possible and needs to improve ASAP, I have just went to look into changing providers and for 4gb I can pay $90 a month to use my cell phone with a $7 a gb charge if I go over.That is unbelievably expensive and needs to stop.Comparing planes and rates will show they are all the same planes with different points that all lead to the same end results on our bills.Wind mobile is a fair and doing it right company that is not in a position to compete due to the lack of support and anti competitive practices from the other companies and the CRTC itself.Cell phones need to be accessible to everyone with 0 data caps, period. Our phone bills should not be more the $40 a month for basic talk and Data.Its a shame that this hearing is taking so long and is a prime example of how slow moving the CRTC is.Canada needs progress, and I hope that you take this seriously so all of Canada does not end up falling so far behind that you need to be a rich person to use.We need Faster internet upload and downloadwe need cheaper internetmore competitionmore pro consumer regulationsWe need no data caps on mobile phonescheaper phone billsMore completion more pro consumer regulations