Interventions Phase 2: Kootenay Boundary Broadband Committee (Intervenor 746)

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I chair a multi government regional broard band committee in the south eastern corner of BC. Our strategic goal is to bring affordable high speed internet to our residents. Our region is comprised of a number of small rural communities located in the bottoms of mountainous valley. Internet is a challenge in much of the area. We have secured federal and provincial funds for 13 of our ISP however we still have gap in service. I would like to speak with your group when your hearing start in ****. I have some pretty accurate facts and background.Thanks - Rob Gay, Board Chair, Regional District of **** Kootenay ( Cranbrook) Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearancelack of service to our broader area and some solutions - as an elected official I see part of my role as advocate for local residents however we need help dealing with the large service providers - telus, shaw etcI can deal with any question the hearing leaders may haveI have experience managing time and understand public process