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Hello,I live in **** Dorset, Nunavut.Nunavut is Canada's newest Territory and is made up of 25 communities interconnected only via air-travel. There are no roads between communities.This means that each community must operate independantly and have its own: nursing station, police station, power station, schools, government offices, adult education facilities, Hamlet offices, Local Housing Associations etc.Currently all of the communities have internet access, primarily through a company called Qiniq,, and the service varies based on the package purchased. This system is delivered via satellite which results in time delay(lag), frequent drops in performance and has occassionally completely shut down due to problems with the satellite resulting in complete isolation of communities for a period of time.The packages offered by Qiniq are as follows:Atiigiallak - $80.00/month, 10gig total usage/month, burst speeds up to 1.5mbps(advertised usage), additional usage $17.50/gig. Burst speeds of 1.5mbps yet I have never witnessed any speed test come in above 200kbps on this package and I question their ability to deliver such a speed.Atii Plus - $129.995/month, 15gig total usage/month, burst speed up to 2.0mbps(advertised speed), additional usage $16.50/gig, once again I have yet to witness a speed test come in above 260kbps for this package and I question their advertised speed.Atii Pro - $369.95/month, 30gig total usage/month, burst speed up to 2.5mbps(advertised speed) additional usage $15.00/gig. Once again I have yet to witness a speed test come in above 310kbps for this package and I question their advertised speed.Some of the larger communities (Iqaluit, ****) are serviced by Northwestel and have different internet packages but they also rely on Satellite delivery and suffer from the same problems of speed, reliability and low usage capacity.With access to a hard-lined network connected to the south Nunavut would be able to participate in the rich social and business world enjoyed by the majority of the rest of Canada. Currently the Government of Nunavut can only e-mail attachments 5mb or smaller! Doctors consultations have to take place in Iqaluit, Ottawa, Winnpeg or Yellowknife for some simple things that in **** Africa are done by video conference from Europe! School's and adult education would benefit greatly from the ability to take part in online courses some of which rely on video curriculums that total usage exceeds 100gigs! on the basic 10g package this would take 10 months simply to download.We are already subjected to the highest cost and lowest selection of groceries, the lowest level of education, the highest level of incarceration and the highest level of food insecurity in Canada. There is no way to connect Canada to all of Nunavut by road but we can through telecommunication.Sincerely,Darren HickesCape Dorset, Nunavut