Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 362

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Internet in rural areas shouldn't be so shit and expensive. In Nunavut 1GB bandwidth cost minimum $16, the promised speed is 1.5mbps and the POS can't even do 1mbps. Nunavut was offered to get fiber optics but the government would rather waste money by putting more money on ancient method by investing more on satellite. Satellite isn't very good option and internet in Nunavut was down for like a month years ago because there are no other options to connect to the world.As a gamer it makes me sad I can't play games online because the patch notes to update the game would fill up my shitty monthly cap of 15GB. I won't download/or play the games because I can't connect to their servers to begin with thanks to my amazing 400kbps that cost $138/month