Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 748

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Comments on Notice 2015-134,Review of Basic telecommunications services. We,my wife and I live in the Pincher Creek M D 9, rural area in SW Alberta.The area has one wireless provider who professes to provide "up to" 4-5 mbs download speed.Service with this provider is abamismal even tho they received Govt Grants to improve the service.Having suffered Explornet (sattelite internet for a three year contract,we signed onto the local wireless provider service.This service level was to say the least,not much better then Xplornet.We then settled on a Telus Internet Hub for 10 GB max plan at about 5mbs voice and internet service which subsequently has improved to 7-14 mbs down.The service is quite adequate for our needs although we are unable to do absolutely no live streaming due to the max monthly limit on the bandwidth.I believe it is the responsibility of all service providers and governments ,local,provincial and federal to set a minimum 5mbs service level which is required and maintained at that level.Under no circumstances should providers continue to provide "up to" as an acceptable level of service in rural and northern Canada.Our local communities with populations of 2-3000 enjoy service levels at the 15-25 mbs level .Why in this day and age do we rural canadians continue to be denied a decent minimum level of service at a reasonable cost?Thank you