Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 628

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1. Broadband is needed today, but NOT at the cost of creating an expensive program to build whereeither government or private companies may already be willing to build without requiring Canadians to contribute to yet another fund. Any new fund should be tailored to be complementaryto and not in lieu of government or private funds.2. Internet service is crucial.3. Striving for similar pricing between rural and urban is admirable, but cost to provide MUST BE A FACTOR.It costs more to provide in rural areas, but other areas such as housing is less. Therefore pricing can andshould reflect cost to provide.4. Down and upload speeds need not be more than 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up to provide adequate telecommunications services to Canadians. Beyond that you are getting into "entertainment" speeds. GAMING IS NOT A BASIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS NEED NOR REQUIREMENT.