Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 765

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I live in rural area in the **** Okanagan of BC and we have very limited internet access with only one provider with no competition in delivering service. Having adequate affordable internet access is not a luxury, it is right. Most of government services are only available over the internet or with a long drive to a government office only to stand in line for an hour or the alternative; to be put on hold on a telephone line as they have cut so many services, presuming everyone has internet access. I know our service provider has received millions of federal taxpayer dollars to improve internet service to rural areas but we have not seen any increase in broadband speeds in our area. We must increase competition with more independent providers and have some incentives to build infrastructure so rural areas also receive affordable high speed internet. I have the option of tele-working which prevents a 45 minute commute to my office but because we have such poor internet speed I am prevented from taking advantage of the opportunity, which in turn puts one more unnecessary vehicle on the road each work day. I encourage you to find ways to assist internet providers to provide affordable internet service to rural areas across Canada.