Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 405

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You only asked about advertised speeds in your survey. You did not ask what we actually get.Advertised: 3-15 Mbps downloadActual: 1-5 MbpsAdvertised: ??Actual: 0.75-1 MbpsThe other issue I have other than receiving only 1/3 of the speed we pay for is that Telus does not allow us to manage our accounts online. When I wanted to change my internet plan to drop the cost they made me connect with an agent. That agent took over 20 minutes to process the request, failed to tell me that changing the plan resulted in unbundling of services and in fact I would not save anything for reducing my plan.For over two years when I have logged into the Telus site to manage my account they have said to click on the classic account to manage services. When you do then the same page comes up saying you cannot manage services online and have to connect with an agent. I tried for 4 days to connect with an agent waiting 10 to 40 minutes each time before having to log out and try the next day. For this poor speed, poor service and non-functioning self management of services I pay $100 a month. The cost should not be more than $50 for the value received. It is sheer robbery what they are charging.