Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 635

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I live less than 1 hour from Toronto, 30 min from Markham, 30 min from Newmarket, 30 min from **** yet our ONLY reasonable option for Internet service is by Satellite service. There is no DSL service available even though we live very close to urban areas. We do not live in the far north or an area that I would consider "remote". This service is not reliable nor fast enough to be able to work using the Internet. If it rains, snows or is general bad weather our service slows and often stops working. In the evening service is so slow it cannot be used as pages won't load etc. I understand Bell Canada was given Government (tax payer) funds to expand a DSL and/or fibre optic service to serve all Canadians however we have not seen this money spent to benefit our needs even though as stated previously we live within 1 hour of Toronto. The lack of fast, reliable internet service is hampering the ability for me to work efficiently from home of which I am set up to do. This would avoid a 2 or 3 hour daily commute to my downtown business. Many people find themselves in this situation and could opt to work from home, thereby freeing up the highways, etc.