Intervention: Intervenor 144

Document Name: 2015-134.223307.2373157.Intervention(1#v5101!).html

Residential Internet Services offered by Telus have all Incoming ports including **** 80 (HTTP) and **** 443 (SSL) permanently blocked to Residential Internet subscribers, and as a result I am unable to obtain remote access to my home office. The only way to get internet service with these ports open with Telus is by subscribing to their Business or Server Internet Services at a higher monthly cost. Based on my inquiries, other competitors to Telus offering Residential Internet Services including Shaw, Eastlink, and Rogers, among others, do not block incoming **** 80 and **** 443 or can be requested to be opened to the Residential user for no additional fee. The fact that Telus has permanently blocked incoming **** 80 and **** 443 is not a well known fact nor is this information readily available to the public. There is no disclosure from Telus regarding this in any advertising of their Residential Internet Services therefore it is difficult for the public to make an informed decision when comparing residential internet services against that provided by other carriers. A level playing field by requiring all internet providers to fully advertise what is and is not included in Residential Internet Services being offered to the public should be required by the CRTC to enable a more accurate price comparison among providers and a more informed decision. The reasons provided by Telus claiming 'network security or integrity' for their residential internet services is also uncertain given if it were accurate, then the question remains, why should the CRTC allow other providers to offer the same incoming ports to be open for residential users.