Interventions Phase 2: Government of Nunavut (Intervenor 758)

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Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceSpecific details on the topics you wish to discuss at the hearing. • Concerns with the disbursement of funds in a manner that could create a monopoly or oligopoly situation, thereby having potential negative impacts for Nunavummiut.• Nunavut’s unique geographical isolation presents challenges that could be directly impacted by the application and delivery of funding for broadband services.• Input into what will be considered appropriate speeds for broadband services and how these speeds will be measured.• Input into the creation or modification of regulations that will impact the rates, terms and conditions for the provision of broadband services in Nunavut• The necessity of ensuring Nunavut is not negatively impacted due to our current satellite dependency and lack of terrestrial linkages to southern Canada.The reasons why your written comments are not sufficient and why an appearance is necessary. • The Government of Nunavut is in the process of an IT review of its current infrastructures to determine what upgrades or enhancements can be made that will benefit our provision of services to the various departmental clients and, where possible, to all Nunavummiut as a whole. Changes to the BSO and the distribution of funding have the potential to dramatically effect the long-term landscape of telecommunications in the ****.